Miss Independent!

I don’t need any help – the pitfalls of hyperindependence It started out simply enough. Maybe you were eight and you needed some help with something, but your parents were both busy with something else (like a younger sibling or work). Perhaps at the age of fourteen you really needed some advice from your mum,Continue reading “Miss Independent!”

Who Am I? Really?

It was a simple line in a movie, but it hit me like a freight train.  “I’ve spent an entire life time trying to be everything to everyone, and somehow somebody is always disappointed”.  I paused the movie and took a moment to process the statement.  This statement felt really familiar, not only for myself,Continue reading “Who Am I? Really?”

Life Imitates Art…so they say

There’s that saying that “Life imitates Art”, yet I think really that art documents life, parodies life, suggests life.  Art also creates opportunities for us to escape, to feel and to embrace things that we may struggle to connect with in our day-to-day life.  From the minute we are born we are peppered with messages,Continue reading “Life Imitates Art…so they say”

Auto-Parent – the secret mother no one wanted

I remember with startling clarity the day I told my mother that I wasn’t sure what good parenting was, but it wasn’t what I’d had and I would never raise my kids that way! I must confess I delivered that little gem with all the arrogance of a nearly twenty year old who probably shouldContinue reading “Auto-Parent – the secret mother no one wanted”

It’s time to start living the life you’ve wished for!

Picture this.  You’re starting every day with a spark and you feel assured of what you are doing.  Every step feels aligned with the woman you truly are.  Obstacles seem to slide away like a knife through hot butter and you know that you are on a quest for a life that is rich, fullContinue reading “It’s time to start living the life you’ve wished for!”

Not Good Enough People Pleaser – the “dream job” I NEVER wanted

Do you remember when you were little, and your life was full of dreams?  Ask any four year old what they want to be when they grow up and you’ll be met with an array of answers.  As children we are quite free, to be ourselves.  Until, that is, being ourselves doesn’t suit those aroundContinue reading “Not Good Enough People Pleaser – the “dream job” I NEVER wanted”

Trusting my intuition

Recently, on yet another foray into the “self-help books” section of my local Big W, I was intrigued to see that Steve Biddulph had released a new book called “Fully Human, A new way to use your mind”.  As I flicked through the pages I was surprised to see that what Steve was really writingContinue reading “Trusting my intuition”


Bottle Tree Counselling will be offering Coaching Packages in 2022! Hello, Megan here.  Today I want to tell you about some very exciting news for Bottle Tree Counselling.  Starting in January 2022 I will be offering intuitive life coaching packages for my clients.  What is intuitive life coaching?  Intuitive life coaching is similar to professionalContinue reading “EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT”

Counselling or Coaching: same job, different name – or not?

I wanted to explain the difference between the two, so that you can understand how the modalities work differently, depending on where you are in your life. By knowing and understanding, you can better decide what will help you the most right now.  The key difference is that Counselling addresses how your past is negativelyContinue reading “Counselling or Coaching: same job, different name – or not?”

About Me

I’m Megan, the person behind Bottle Tree Counselling.  Today, I wanted to share a bit about myself.  I live in a beautiful and quite hot part of Queensland, Australia, called Emerald.  I’ve lived here for fourteen years and despite the beach being three and a half hours away, I love living here.  Our crazy householdContinue reading “About Me”

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