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Bottle Tree Counselling will be offering Coaching Packages in 2022! Hello, Megan here.  Today I want to tell you about some very exciting news for Bottle Tree Counselling.  Starting in January 2022 I will be offering intuitive life coaching packages for my clients.  What is intuitive life coaching?  Intuitive life coaching is similar to professionalContinue reading “EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT”

Counselling or Coaching: same job, different name – or not?

I wanted to explain the difference between the two, so that you can understand how the modalities work differently, depending on where you are in your life. By knowing and understanding, you can better decide what will help you the most right now.  The key difference is that Counselling addresses how your past is negativelyContinue reading “Counselling or Coaching: same job, different name – or not?”

About Me

I’m Megan, the person behind Bottle Tree Counselling.  Today, I wanted to share a bit about myself.  I live in a beautiful and quite hot part of Queensland, Australia, called Emerald.  I’ve lived here for fourteen years and despite the beach being three and a half hours away, I love living here.  Our crazy householdContinue reading “About Me”

Not Good Enough:Subduing my Inner Critic This week I want to share a personal story, the story of not good enough. The story that followed me everywhere and stopped me from being my best self for a long time. I think that so many people look no further than the surface of what other peopleContinue reading

When having all the ACEs is the worst hand in the game.

Before I stepped into the world of counselling and coaching, I used to work in the child protection industry.  I talked to a LOT of families about trauma.  I often wondered why people didn’t seem to understand what I meant when I talked to them about trauma.  But one day, one day I finally gotContinue reading “When having all the ACEs is the worst hand in the game.”

Financial Wellness

Part six of the Mental Wellness series How healthy are your finances? Do you even have a plan? Do you just wing it, hoping nothing too big goes spectacularly wrong? Are your fingers crossed every time you swipe your card? How would you even know if you had everything under control? What is financial wellness?Continue reading “Financial Wellness”

Intellectual Wellness

Part Five of the Mental Wellness series So – what on earth is intellectual wellness? It can best be defined as knowing your creative abilities and finding ways to expand your knowledge and skills. In other words, it’s about knowing what you know, knowing what you don’t know and knowing how to bridge the gapContinue reading “Intellectual Wellness”

Social Wellness

Part Five of the Mental Wellness series We often fail to consider how our social interactions work towards our wellness as a whole. Connection is an incredibly important part of our overall wellness and this is build through our social interactions. Social wellness is about how our social connections and interactions support us in ourContinue reading “Social Wellness”

Emotional Wellness

Part 4 of the Mental Wellness series This week we are going to look at emotional wellness. So what exactly is it? Emotional wellness is our ability to effectively manage life’s ups and downs. It doesn’t mean that things don’t go wrong, it’s just that we feel like we can handle tricky emotional situations fairlyContinue reading “Emotional Wellness”


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