Social Wellness

Part Five of the Mental Wellness series

We often fail to consider how our social interactions work towards our wellness as a whole. Connection is an incredibly important part of our overall wellness and this is build through our social interactions. Social wellness is about how our social connections and interactions support us in our lives. So how do we know if we are having connections and interactions that are building and supporting our social wellness? Consider your life, think about how your world is connected and how you feel about your social interactions.

Consider firstly what are your interests? What are your values? What do you enjoy doing? Knowing the answers to these questions if very important in being able to find social connections. It’s necessary to understand these things so that as you seek to build social connections, you are able to focus on the good things bout yourself, working hard to avoid self-criticism, criticism of others, judgement and blame. These elements can significantly impact your social interactions considerably if you are unable to switch them off during interactions with others. Remember to appreciate both yourself and the people in your life who support you. Being able to identify and acknowledge your positive qualities helps you in focusing on them and using them to benefit you in your social interactions.

What are the skills and abilities that you have that make you able to connect well with others? Is there something you’d like to learn more about? Would doing this give you an opportunity to build new social connections, which will improve your social wellness? Social wellness is an area that requires consistent effort and input. This can be tricky if you struggle to believe in yourself. Working in small steps, with the support of your loved ones is a beautiful way to start building your self-confidence and social wellness.

Social Wellness is a way of building our connection and belonging in the world. Humans are wired for connection and when we feel supported and cared for in our chosen community we tend to do better and manage life’s ups and downs more effectively. Next week we’ll be tackling Intellectual Wellness. If you have any thoughts about social wellness, please leave us a note!

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