Intellectual Wellness

Part Five of the Mental Wellness series

So – what on earth is intellectual wellness? It can best be defined as knowing your creative abilities and finding ways to expand your knowledge and skills. In other words, it’s about knowing what you know, knowing what you don’t know and knowing how to bridge the gap between the two. Confused yet?

A sure-fire way to work on your intellectual wellness is to develop a love of learning. This doesn’t mean that you are constantly studying things or going back to school. This is about developing an interest in something and finding out what you can about it. This might include reading books about the topic, watching documentaries or tv shows, finding videos on youtube or going along to a group where they teach you about it. Life-long learning doesn’t need to be academic only, it’s any time you’re stretching your brain and building knowledge. This can also link back to social wellness ( as you meet people who have similar interests to you. You never know what they may be able to teach you.

Another important element of intellectual wellness is our ability to notice our emotional wellness and how we are responding to things in the here and now. It’s about being able to navigate our way past an immediate fight or flight response so that we can make a calm and measured decision about what is happening right now. Being able to analyse this increases our emotional wellness, as we’ve discussed before, the domains all interweave to support each other.

So often, intellectual wellness information is targetted at younger people who are studying at school and university. I feel that this takes away from the capacity for all people to be lifelong learners. Learning new skills and following new interests, as well as improving your skills in an area you are currently familiar with, are all ways to improve your intellectual wellness. For me, it’s about learning what I can about working with clients and helping them to live a rich, full and meaningful life. Can you think of some ideas to share here with us today? Leave us a comment.

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