Environmental Wellness

Part 3 of the Mental Wellness series

This week we are going to talk about our environmental wellness. What exactly is it?, I hear you ask. Environmental wellness is about maintaining space around ourselves that is stimulating, yet pleasant, whilst supporting our whole of self mental wellness.

So what does that look like? Yet again, this is an extremely individual situation where what one person finds calming another may find completely over-whelming. However, it includes our personal environments as well as our earthly environment. When tackling this domain of wellness we need to look at the places we live and work in. Let’s start with your home.

When you arrive home after being out for the day, is it warm, welcoming and homely, or do you feel hectic and overwhelmed? Is there a space in your home where you can go and be peaceful? Do you have an outdoor space that you can use to relax? Taking the time to carve out a space you enjoy in your home is always going to be a valuable use of time. Using indoor plants and special nooks can give you a small piece of paradise. Aesthetics of a space are very important. Cluttered space can be extremely overwhelming.

Consider your workplace. Do you feel safe, supported, organised? Do you feel calm in your space? Are there small things you can do in your workspace to feel more organised. Is your desk covered in paperwork that makes you dread each morning or is your desk a calm space where amazing things happen every day? What could you change in your personal workspace to make your work day more effective and less stressful? Do you leave for lunch and take a break? Do you work through sitting at your desk to scoff lunch in that spare three minutes between meetings? Consider how you interact with your role and the space you work in? What might be changed for the better?

Then we have our whole earth environment to be mindful of. It’s about thinking of our existence in a more sustainable way and contributing to the health of our world. As a whole we need to consider how our day to day actions impact the ecosystems we live in. It’s about improving our surroundings and being responsible for how we care for our environment. Consider whether the lifestyle you lead is both harmonious with, and respectful of the environment in which you live.

Consider how you interact with the environments we’ve talked about here today. Can you think of some changes that may make your environments more supportive? Check out some different elements you could use to uplift your spaces. Share here what you think might work for you.

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