Bottle Tree Counselling will be offering Coaching Packages in 2022!

Hello, Megan here.  Today I want to tell you about some very exciting news for Bottle Tree Counselling.  Starting in January 2022 I will be offering intuitive life coaching packages for my clients. 

What is intuitive life coaching?  Intuitive life coaching is similar to professional life coaching with one notable difference.  I will teach you how to use your own innate gifts and talents to reconnect to your intuition so that you learn to trust yourself again. 

As an intuitive life coach, my role is to help you answer the real questions you have in life; Why am I here? Who do I want to become as a person in my lifetime? and What do I want to create?  Intuitive life coaching teaches and guides you to be whole and complete within yourself, how to design a life that is exactly what you need and then plan to make it happen. 

Intuitive life coaching is for you if you are someone who feels like your life doesn’t fit you, like you’re in a not quite right hand-me-down suit.  You feel lost, dissatisfied, unsure in life, but you really can’t quite pinpoint what the problem is.  You don’t really have anything that is going wrong, it just doesn’t feel right.  Using intuitive life coaching, we work together to identify what will fit you right.  It’s like changing out that ill-fitting hand-me-down suit for a custom tailored suit that fits perfectly and makes you feel confident and purposeful.  We get to design the life you always felt you deserved.  In our time together we find your true purpose in life.  When you know what your purpose is, you have motivation and momentum, and you intuitively know what the best decisions are for you.  Want to find out more? Book a consultation call right now to start tailoring your life!

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