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I’m Megan, the person behind Bottle Tree Counselling.  Today, I wanted to share a bit about myself.  I live in a beautiful and quite hot part of Queensland, Australia, called Emerald.  I’ve lived here for fourteen years and despite the beach being three and a half hours away, I love living here.  Our crazy household has me, my partner, three children, three dogs, two cats, one bearded dragon and thirteen chickens.  My partner loves gardening, and I’m very blessed that he has built a glorious environment for us to enjoy every day.

As well as working with the wonderful clients that come my way, I also work as a school counsellor at a local primary and high school.  I enjoy working with the children and teens, helping them learn to overcome their own griefs and troubles.  When I’m not working at all, you’ll find me either nose-deep in a novel, watching movies or sewing.  I developed a love of fiction at a very early age, the ultimate escape for me!  Right now, I’m reading Matthew Reilly’s Jack West series.  A confession, if I’m reading a book you could set a bomb off behind me, and I wouldn’t move!  Just this week, I got so caught up in my novel that I couldn’t put it down and I was reading under the covers until 1am!!  Other times, as a family we head out to the dam on the boat and enjoy tubing, skiing and swimming.  It’s a glorious way to be outdoors and it’s so relaxing to be out on the water, enjoying being in nature.  Another reason why I love the garden my partner has created here for us!

Another love of mine is learning. I have undertaken a lot of studies in the last twenty years. The knowledge I’ve gained over this time in psychology and counselling has allowed me to help so many people in a one-on-one basis, but I knew that I could help more people. This belief is what drove me to start Bottle Tree Counselling and to share my learnings with so many more people. I learnt from my clients that there is a real disconnect from traditional mental health supports, especially in the rural community I live in, and how those supports share with others. I found that I didn’t want to be associated with an elitist field who hold their knowledge as power over others. I built Bottle Tree Counselling so I could empower ANYONE that I work with to take back control of their own lives. I stepped into a world where I use a variety of tools to work with the beautiful clients that come to me. Importantly, I practice in a holistic manner, where I consider your history, your spiritual connection, your physical health, your family connections, your childhood experiences, your relationship experiences and my intuition to divine the best way forward for YOU!

What I really want to know though, is do you have an obscure pet?  Tell me what you’ve got in the comments!

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