Wake up every day knowing your life is aligned with your true self.

Imagine a life where you feel assured that you are making the right moves for you.  Advancing with purpose towards the life plans you KNOW are true to your authentic self.


Picture this...your day is full of meaning, you have purpose in your work, your relationships are supportive and caring, and you are working on yourself in ways that are important to you.  Hiccups in your day no longer send you into a spin and you feel calm and in control.  You truly know that you are aligned with your authentic self and living in a way that feels so good as a result.  


At the moment, life looks a little more like this: you wake each day feeling like you're stuck on a treadmill of mediocrity and it doesn't feel right.  It's like you're living someone else's life and it just doesn't quite fit.  You bought into the belief that being busy is the goal for life.  You always seem to be short on time to put yourself first, and when you occasionally do have the time, you don't even know what you could or would actually do.  You find you compare yourself with everyone around you and are constantly feeling like you're coming up short.  It's like nothing brings you joy anymore, and you can't remember what you once thought you wanted in life.  Even worse, you have no idea why you feel this way becuase on the surface, you SHOULD be happy.


You find yourself really wondering:

  • Is this really as good as it gets?
  • Everyone else seems happy, so what's wrong with me?
  • Why do I fail at everything I do?
  • Will I ever be good enough?
  • Why can't I be as successful as the women I see on instagram?

You see everyone else's highlights reel as you scroll mindlessly through your social media trying to work out why you're not living some kind of dream life.  


Then there's the days where you actually wake up with hope, only to have it dashed before you make it past your first cup of coffee.  Do you feel like:

  • everyone else has their life on track
  • you'll never break out of the rut you're in
  • good things only happen to other people
  • you can't change on your own because you've ALWAYS failed in the past
  • you never stay on track if you make a change
  • changing is just way too hard at your age (no matter what age that is!)
  • trying is hopeless

If you found yourself recognising any of these feelings, then you've come to the right place.  You're here because I help women exactly like you gain clarity and control in their lives so that they can live a life that feels like it's the perfect fit for them.


My six-month Life Alignment Program is precisely what you need.


What if, in the next six months you could be living a life that lifts you up daily?  What is you were starting each day with a spark, invoking a sense of power and purpose aligned with the woman you truly are?  STRONG, POWERFUL, FOCUSED.


Collaborating with me using the Life Alignment Program will focus on results such as:

  • Clarity on who you truly are so that you feel confident in your decision making;
  • Revealing your core personal values so that you do things that are true to yourself;
  • Illumination your three greatest challenges and limiting self-beliefs from your past so that you break down your barriers and catalyse change;
  • Amplifying your strengths so that you feel invigorated and remember how powerful you are;
  • Empowering you to set boundaries and enforce them so that you have more time and energy for the things that are important for you;
  • Generating an aligned life plan/path so that you have inspired direction for you day to day and you always know exactly HOW to move forwards towards your goals;
  • Inspire you to see how you can bring satisfaction and contentment into your life so that you embrace your now and your future with vigour.

I'm the best person to help you because I know how many different things could potentially be holding you back.  I'm here to illuminate your beauty as you are right now.  I'm here to walk with you through your most painful memories and events, revealing their role in who you are and awakening your inner strength to use the lessons in an inspired way.  


I've worked with hundreds of women caught in a trap because of their past, stuck in habits and behaviours they hate, unable to see a way out.  I know the impacts of trauma, family function and dysfunction, neurodivergence, addiction and mental illness on how you live your life right now.  


When you collaborate with me, you get my exclusive process of coaching combined with techniques designed to overcome your past so that you are living a life aligned with your authentic self.  I bring over twenty years of experience collaborating with people who have struggled with trauma, addiction, family dysfunction and violence, abuse and assault.  I bring to the table my qualifications in psychology, counselling and coaching, as well as my experience collaborating with women from all walks of life.


Momentous results for my clients include:

  • being able to leave a destructive relationship with dignity
  • overcoming negative self-views and self-beliefs after sexual assaults
  • breaking free from toxic family patterns and charting a new life course
  • defining their own meaning of success and designing a life plan that supports that success
  • gaining control over their finances and saving for an overseas trip
  • learning about their relationship with food and shifting their self-image to focus on caring for themselves

I know that my Life Alignment Program and working with me will propel you into a life where you feel motivated and empowered and where you overcome your barriers with ease. 

How the Life Alignment Program works:


Together, we embark on a six (6) month growth journey designed specifically for you and your unique situation.  Every person is different and so no two programs are the same.  Your plan includes:

  • Initial 90 minute life assessment session - where we find out what REALLY has you stuck
  • 10 * 60 minute one on one coaching calls - the calls are fortnightly where we work on your specific plan in a way that ensures everything works best for you (planning the work). Between sessions your time is for self-discovery and implementation (doing the work).
  • 90 minute post program debrief where we identify what tools and techniques worked best for you and assess your growth over the program.  This helps you work out what you can use in the future to keep getting results.
  • Unlimited support and access using the life alignment program system between sessions to help you maintain drive and momentum.  This is where you can ask questions, share your insights, brag about your wins, express your fears and worries, anything.  We can strategise here between sessions when necessary.
  • Workbooks and personally recommended resources designed exclusively to support your journey and promote your growth.
  • A welcome gift - shipped straight to you, to help you on your journey!

Imagine that in six short months you will-

  • be waking every day with renewed vigour
  • have a clear direction and plan to build a life aligned with your authentic self
  • develop a deep understanding of how your past impacts you every day without you being aware, so that you feel in control and empowered about your future
  • know your core values and choose actions that support them
  • amplify your strengths so that you can authentically shine as your true self

This all leads to a life where you feel purposeful, calm, collected and self-directed

Your Investment

AU $7750 ** when paid up front (includes an upfront discount) or

AU $1450 ** per month for each of the six months.


** plus 10% GST for Australian customers


All prices are listed in Australian Dollars so if you’re outside Australia, don’t forget to convert this into your local currency as there are significant savings when converting the Australian Dollar into Pounds, US Dollars or Euros as well as a number of other currencies.  While the exchange rate fluctuates, the monthly coaching fee equates to USD$1025, €971 or £814.

If you are feeling that this is the program for you, your first step is to book an Alignment Call.  This is about making sure that we are the right fit and that I know I can help you.  I want to make sure that you are a match for the program, and that you will be invested in getting the most out of it.  This works best when we talk and you get to know me a little and I get to know you, and your worries, so that we can decide together that this is the best option for you.


If you've read this far, you're definitely focused on living an aligned life, so put yourself first and take the next step.  This isn't about a pushy sales pitch; I want to know that I can help you achieve what you want in your life.  Book your call NOW.

If you haven't booked yet I bet you're probably worrying about a few (or maybe all) of these things:

  • Nothing I've tried has ever worked before, so this won't either
  • I'm such a disaster, no one could possibly help me
  • I'm way too old to be making changes like this, I've missed the boat
  • I don't know if this will work for me
  • I've spent money on this self-help stuff before and it got me nowhere
  • Even if it did work for a while, other things are just going to go horribly wrong afterwards anyway

It's important to know that the knowledge we need to break free of limiting patterns and our own past isn't easy for us to access on our own.  Successful people know that to get ahead you use every available asset you can lay your hands on, a coach is one of those assets and most successful people have one.  As your Life Alignment Coach, you leverage my training and knowledge for your benefit.  This means you get to start living a life aligned with your authentic self, a life that feels like the perfect fit for you.  It doesn't matter what you think your biggest barrier is, together we find a way through for you to achieve what you want in life.


No matter what you do or where you go in your life, you always take yourself on that journey.  Everyone deserves the best version of themselves and investing in and discovering and defining that woman is the BEST investment you'll EVER make.  Having a coach to support you, cheer you on, challenge you and call you out on your bullshit is what makes that investment lucrative.  I'm here to hold you accountable to the new life you are building for yourself!  As your Life Alignment Coach, you will know that I've got your back!