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Counselling that suits your needs.

Bottle Tree Counselling offers in person, telephone and video link up opportunities for all clients.

Specialist area

Bottle Tree Counselling specialises in working with women who are struggling with their “not good enough” story. I work to help you unpack the journey that has brought you to this point where you are seeking support and guidance to move forward in your life. My role is to hold the space for you while you face the darkest and most rejected parts of yourself. Then, using a person-centred approach that focuses on your strengths, we work together to help you craft the rich, full and meaningful life you have always known you are capable of living. I use a holistic approach to support you in all facets of your mental well-being.

I find that helping every woman I work with find what is going to work best for her to live a rich, full and meaningful life gives me so much joy. My work is about supporting you in your journey as you process past traumas big and small to give yourself the space to move forwards into a life you have designed for yourself.


Life throws so many things at us, sometimes you can feel overwhelmed, suffer from decision fatigue or just need to talk to someone about your feelings. Anxiety, depression, grief, loss and family issues are just some of the areas you can talk to us about.


Being a parent comes with many challenges including managing your own expectations of yourself as well as your child’s behaviour. Speaking to a counsellor can give you clarity and help you identify your parenting goals, as well as working with behavioural expectations for your chidren.

Career support

Changing jobs, being made redundant, not knowing what to do when you finish school. All these situations can cause significant amounts of stress to any person. Working with a counsellor can help you identify skills and interests and discover your transferrable skills. Being able to identify where you want to go can be an extremely powerful experience that builds your self-confidence and inner strength.


Being a teen these days comes with so many challenges emotionally, physically and mentally. Navigating these changes can be difficult and often teens feel they can’t talk to anyone. Being able to share their experiences, feelings and thoughts in a non-judgemental space can help your teen see their way forward.


Navigating relationship difficulties can be fraught with danger. Being able to unpack these with a supportive and non-judgemental third party can be beneficial for any couple. Couples counselling can also be used as pre-emptive work in navigating what your relationship will look like moving forward.

Resilience Building

Building resilience is a difficult process. Bottle Tree Counselling offers a Resilience building program that is backed with daily interactions to increase your resilience. Testing identifies your capacity in six areas of resilience and then your daily interactions with a mobile app work to build your resilience.

Let’s build something great together.

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