Mindfulness Practices

Many people think of mindfulness as the process of meditating for hours, but that’s not what it is all about. Mindfulness can be the simple process of stopping and looking at the sky for a few moments, or taking the time to deep breath for a minute. Mindfulness is about being “in the moment”. AsContinue reading “Mindfulness Practices”

Building Resilience

Building resilience seems like one of those incredibly difficult things to do. It doesn’t need to be that hard though. The Driven program is easy to use and takes just five minutes of your day. A purpose build artificial intelligence platform steps you through short activities each day to help you build your resilience focusingContinue reading “Building Resilience”

Loss of “life” in a time of Covid-19

One of the hardest things to really get your head around at the moment is the losses you hadn’t really anticipated from the impacts of Covid-19. It’s one thing to choose to stay home and do things, it’s something very different to not be “allowed” out. When we talk about grief and loss, so manyContinue reading “Loss of “life” in a time of Covid-19″

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