When having all the ACEs is the worst hand in the game.

Before I stepped into the world of counselling and coaching, I used to work in the child protection industry.  I talked to a LOT of families about trauma.  I often wondered why people didn’t seem to understand what I meant when I talked to them about trauma.  But one day, one day I finally gotContinue reading “When having all the ACEs is the worst hand in the game.”

The Post about the Roast

So often we do things in our day to day without thinking about why.  The “right” way to hang the washing, the “best” way to make bechamel sauce, the “only” way to really eat a burger.  They all sound a little silly, but do you ever stop and wonder why you do some things inContinue reading “The Post about the Roast”

Financial Wellness

Part six of the Mental Wellness series How healthy are your finances? Do you even have a plan? Do you just wing it, hoping nothing too big goes spectacularly wrong? Are your fingers crossed every time you swipe your card? How would you even know if you had everything under control? What is financial wellness?Continue reading “Financial Wellness”

Intellectual Wellness

Part Five of the Mental Wellness series So – what on earth is intellectual wellness? It can best be defined as knowing your creative abilities and finding ways to expand your knowledge and skills. In other words, it’s about knowing what you know, knowing what you don’t know and knowing how to bridge the gapContinue reading “Intellectual Wellness”

Social Wellness

Part Five of the Mental Wellness series We often fail to consider how our social interactions work towards our wellness as a whole. Connection is an incredibly important part of our overall wellness and this is build through our social interactions. Social wellness is about how our social connections and interactions support us in ourContinue reading “Social Wellness”

Emotional Wellness

Part 4 of the Mental Wellness series This week we are going to look at emotional wellness. So what exactly is it? Emotional wellness is our ability to effectively manage life’s ups and downs. It doesn’t mean that things don’t go wrong, it’s just that we feel like we can handle tricky emotional situations fairlyContinue reading “Emotional Wellness”

Environmental Wellness

Part 3 of the Mental Wellness series This week we are going to talk about our environmental wellness. What exactly is it?, I hear you ask. Environmental wellness is about maintaining space around ourselves that is stimulating, yet pleasant, whilst supporting our whole of self mental wellness. So what does that look like? Yet again,Continue reading “Environmental Wellness”

Physical Wellness

Part 2 of the Mental Wellness series. It goes without saying we all “know” that our physical health can have a large impact on our mental wellness, but where is the evidence and what is “physical wellness” really? Physical wellness is generally described as looking after your body by using it, fueling it, and restingContinue reading “Physical Wellness”

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